Comtech Wireless Communication Case Studies

2-Way Radio Case Studies
Yolo Emergency Communications Agency chooses ComTech for upgradeYolo Emergency

Communications Agency
(YECA) is a consolidated 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in Yola County, California, providing dispatch services for police, fire, animal control, public works and other local government agencies in the Cities of West Sacramento, Woodland and Winters California. YECA utilized three Gold Fire receivers within the Woodland City limits and nine Green Fire receivers across the county to support in-bound communications, from field personnel to dispatch. In 2011, YECA selected ComTech Communications to upgrade its Gold and Green Fire cutovers to new voting comparators. The project also led to uncovering years of poor wiring, incorrect programming, and layers of setting levels that affected audio outputs.

For Green Fire, dispatch is now transmitting simultaneously from four transmitter sites utilizing simulcast technology. Between the new voting comparators and the additional receiver and transmitter sites, the radio signal is stronger and clearer for inbound and outbound transmissions, including portables, mobiles and dispatch. In addition audio levels for the receivers and for the station alert toning are now uniform and to equipment manufacturer specifications.

ComTech rents two-way communications to the California State Fair
The California Exposition and State Fair required several hundred portable two-way radios, base stations, and five on-site repeaters for the duration of the fair. ComTech was able to deliver a system that exceeded the customer's expectations.

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco looks to ComTech for a two-way radio solution

The Asian Art Museum was getting ready to move into their new building. ComTech was able to put together a system that gave the museum total radio coverage. In order to keep museum visitors from hearing the radio traffic, all radios were equipped with earpiece/mic combos.

Bi-Directional Amplified Antenna Systems Case Studies
ComTech supplies BDA solution at the Sacramento International Airport
When Sacramento County realized it had inadequate radio coverage for its Public Safety System at Sacramento International Airport, ComTech was selected to supply a system that exceeded expectations and minimum specifications.

ComTech selected by Sacramento Public Safety
The City of Sacramento needed to assure radio coverage for the Police and Fire Department personnel sharing the new Freeport Public Safety Center. ComTech was selected to provide the system. When this large remodel project ran into extensive delays and plan changes, ComTech was able to adapt quickly and cooperatively to complete the project.

Cirby Hills Medical Facility selects ComTech BDA
Placer County wanted its Public Safety Radio Frequencies to be available throughout this Secured Medical Facility. ComTech provided the most economical solution and was able to install the system discretely with minimal disturbance to hospital routine.

Wireless Phone And Intercom Case Study
Teletics chosen to solve large oil site communication gaps
This oil camp was faced with a complex, but common industry communication dilemma: The camp needed to talk to the rest of the world, communicate with each other, and have the ability to call out via public address system to the entire camp. Teletics was uniquely positioned to provide VSAT services, as well as a communications system that enabled the organization to communicate with its entire camp and the outside world. The Teletics WKSU eliminated the need for wiring on the site and quickly paid for itself, while providing a reliable solution with minimal setup time between moves.

Channel Marker Case Studies
ComTech provides its Channel Marker to the Sacramento Regional Radio System
When the Sacramento Regional Radio System upgraded to Motorola Centracom Gold Elite dispatch center consoles, ComTech provided its Channel Marker circuit board. The ComTech solution included updated circuitry and occupied one third less space at each dispatch workstation.

Hayward, Ca. and Roseville, Ca. Police Departments purchase ComTech's Channel Marker
The Hayward and Roseville Police Departments purchased ComTech Channel Marker boards for installation during recent dispatch center upgrades to Motorola Centracom Gold Elite Series consoles.

Globalstar Satellite Communication Systems Case Studies
ComTech supplies utility with satellite phones
A large California gas & electric utility needed communications for work crews operating beyond their two-way radio and cellular telephone systems. Comtech provided the Globalstar GSP-1600 handheld satellite phone, along with the hands-free vehicle kit, which allows personnel to make and receive voice calls both in and out of their vehicles.

ComTech supplies sheriff's department with satellite communications solution
A California county sheriff's office located in the central Sierras required reliable wireless communications in remote regions of the county where their two-way radio and commercial cellular coverage was spotty or non-existent. ComTech supplied the Globalstar GSP-1600 handheld telephone and hands-free vehicle kit for their cruisers, plus a data cable to permit them to use their laptops to send reports from the field back to headquarters.

California transportation department receives satellite communications system from ComTech
A California transportation department needed a way to send traffic polling data from a remote mountain region back to a central location. Comtech provided a Globalstar GSP-2900 fixed satellite terminal to interface with their computer equipment to transmit the data at a 9.6Kbps rate on a 24/7 basis.

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