Total System Strategies

Your goal is to provide “push to talk” convenience for your entire crew. Modern communications is rarely that simple: There are multiple variables you have to consider. That's why the ComTech Construction & Systems Group is ready to stand by you as your communications consultant. The Systems Group specializes in communications system design, including:

  • Equipment specification
  • Radio frequency propagation studies to predict new system RF performance
  • Microwave path analysis, hardware design and manufacturing; and
  • In-building solutions (Bi-Directional Amplified Antenna Systems)

ComTech technicians and licensed contractors will also install the new equipment and ensure an orderly migration from your old to new system.

If you're working over extended ranges and require a system involving towers and other infrastructure, the Construction Group will bring you up-to-speed. Licensed in three states, the Construction Group offers construction services ranging from pouring concrete foundations and pads, to erecting equipment shelters and communications towers and antennas.

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