Channel Markers

ComTech's channel marker circuit board is an accessory item for Motorola's CentraCom II and Gold Elite consoles used with trunked radio systems. ComTech's channel marker is designed to provide a short beep over radio channels notifying listeners a "special event" is in progress and radio transmissions on the channel should be kept to a minimum. Special events would involve officer and/ or public safety. The beep tone is timed and adjustable to typically less than 1 second in duration and spaced up to 10 to 20 seconds between beeps.

ComTech Channel Marker Case Studies

ComTech provides its Channel Marker to the Sacramento Regional Radio System

When the Sacramento Regional Radio System upgraded to Motorola Centracom Gold Elite dispatch center consoles, ComTech provided its Channel Marker circuit board. The ComTech solution included updated circuitry and occupied one third less space at each dispatch workstation.

Hayward, CA and Roseville, CA Police Departments purchase ComTech's Channel Marker

The Hayward and Roseville Police Departments purchased ComTech Channel Marker boards for installation during recent dispatch center upgrades to Motorola Centracom Gold Elite Series consoles. 

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