Globalstar Satellite Communications

Businesses, individuals and government agencies from every corner of the United States and the Caribbean rely upon Globalstar satellite phones to stay in touch. Our customers come from the large group of people who work, live or play in areas where cellular coverage is poor or non-existent; including wildland firefighters, utility natural resource companies, geologists, field scientists, public safety organizations, long-haul commercial vehicle operators, fishing boats and yachts. Additionally, adventure travelers and extreme sports enthusiasts love the convenience and safety of Globalstar service in remote areas. Globalstar also offers phone rental services for businesses and consumers with short-term and seasonal requirements for reliable communications.

ComTech Globalstar Satellite Communication Systems Case Studies

ComTech supplies utility with satellite phones

A large California gas & electric utility needed communications for work crews operating beyond their two-way radio and cellular telephone systems. Comtech provided the Globalstar GSP-1600 handheld satellite phone, along with the hands-free vehicle kit, which allows personnel to make and receive voice calls both in and out of their vehicles.

ComTech supplies sheriff's department with satellite communications solution

A California county sheriff's office located in the central Sierras required reliable wireless communications in remote regions of the county where their two-way radio and commercial cellular coverage was spotty or non-existent. ComTech supplied the Globalstar GSP-1600 handheld telephone and hands-free vehicle kit for their cruisers, plus a data cable to permit them to use their laptops to send reports from the field back to headquarters.

California transportation department receives satellite communications system from ComTech

A California transportation department needed a way to send traffic polling data from a remote mountain region back to a central location. Comtech provided a Globalstar GSP-2900 fixed satellite terminal to interface with their computer equipment to transmit the data at a 9.6Kbps rate on a 24/7 basis.

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