Rent or buy wireless phone and intercom systems
Wireless Phone & Intercom Systems by Teletics 

For point-to-point and point-to-multi point communication, Teletics from ComTech offers the perfect solution. When wires won't work, Teletics will, providing Internet, public address, and POTs all in one.

The Teletics Advantage Teletics wireless phone and intercom systems

  • Allows all IP networks to access a remote modem with no recurring charges
  • Provides wireless phone & data extensions for up to 15 miles
  • Reduces communication set up time and manpower costs
  • Eliminates exorbitant cabling costs
  • Offers superior reliability
  • Includes oil rig intercom solutions with rent or buy options

Wireless Camp Intercom Systems          Wintercom Wireless Camp Intercom Systems

Are you frustrated with the cabling system on your drilling site? Do you need to link to the rest of the world? Does your site require Internet, Public Address, and POTS all in one? If the answer is yes, Wintercom is your solution. Wintercom eliminates the need for hard cable, and the system offers phone, Internet, and public address throughout a site quickly and easily, allowing you to communicate with up to 20 buildings.
Wintercom Wireless Camp Intercom Systems

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Wireless Phone Lines


Do your customers need telephone and Internet access? Is running wire or trenching difficult? If you need a fast, inexpensive, WIRELESS way to get phone lines and Ethernet between two locations, the ZipLine from Teletics is your answer. Perfect for customers with:


The WOPX provides all of the features of the ZipLine, plus extends your range up to 15 miles. Whether you need a phone line for security monitoring, electrical distribution metering, or voice and fax for the building across the street, WOPX is the solution for you.
WPOX wireless phone lines

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Wireless Phone and Intercom Case Study

Teletics chosen to solve large oil site communication gaps

This oil camp was faced with a complex, but common industry communication dilemma: The camp needed to talk to the rest of the world, communicate with each other, and have the ability to call out via public address system to the entire camp. Teletics was uniquely positioned to provide VSAT services, as well as a communications system that enabled the organization to communicate with its entire camp and the outside world. The Teletics WKSU eliminated the need for wiring on the site and quickly paid for itself, while providing a reliable solution with minimal setup time between moves.

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