Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: ComTech Fire Station Alerting Systems

  • Our station doesn't have computer aided dispatch. Can we still use your system?

  • Can we use some of our existing equipment with your alerting system?

  • Our personnel change dorm room assignments nightly. Can we still do individual dorm room alerting?

  • Is there a pre alert notification of an incoming call?

  • Is your system expandable?

  • Can I use low voltage lighting with your alerting system?

  • We are in a quiet residential neighborhood. How do you handle the volume of the alerting sequence?

  • Why do you recommend putting apparatus specific light bars in the house?

  • What kind of fail safe features have you built into your system?

  • Are there any recurring monthly expenses?

  • How does your warranty work?

  • Can we buy your system one station at a time or do all the stations have to buy it at once?

  • We have a multi-building fire station complex. Can your alerting system work within multiple buildings?

  • How do we make changes/modifications to your system?

  • Why do you emphasize that you don't use proprietary hardware?

  • Is your alerting system a "one system fits all" solution or is there room for customization?

  • In your system can stations be alerted remotely or does the alert have to be generated from the 911 dispatch center?

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