ComTech 10 Fire Station Alerting Systems

Flexible, Scalable, and Affordable Fire House Alerting Solutions

The last thing you want is a fire station alerting system that you have to grow into, because unused capability is a waste of money. So when you choose a ComTech 10 Fire Station Alerting System you get the system you need today, with the capability to add features you’ll need tomorrow. Standard features include:

  • Up to Three Audio Alert Source Inputs: Interface with up to three of the following audio alert sources concurrently: two way radio, radio based paging, telephone ring down and VoIP.
  • Radio System Compatibility: Interface with any known trunked or conventional radio system. Can also integrate with P25 radio systems.
  • Paging: Integrate with all known industry standard legacy system selective call formats to receive pager or tone based alerting. Company based alerting is also available.
  • Wireline Capability: Receive alerts from the dispatch center or airport tower via hardwire connection.
  • VoIP: The station can be alerted via VoIP.
  • Pre Alert Tones: Attention grabbing, programmable alert tones distinguish up to eight sources. Use tones to alert companies in the alerting sequence or other functions such as telephones, door bells, still alarms, and airport control tower ring down circuits.
  • Day/Night Volume Levels: Lower night-time volume levels can reduce stress of station personnel. External speakers can also be incorporated into the system and may be muted at night.
  • Integration with Station Lighting: Controls station lighting during an alert sequence.
  • Integration with Station Appliances: Controls stoves, BBQs, traffic lights, exhaust fans or other station appliances during an alert sequence.
  • Doorbells: Capable of three distinct doorbell tones. Tones can differentiate between east or west entrances (for example) and also be incorporated into an “In Case of Emergency” alarm button.
  • Radio Monitoring: Either automatic, manual or switched. Automatic monitoring listens to radio traffic at certain pre-programmed times per day. An over-ride switch is available for increased monitor time. Manual monitoring allows station personnel to turn on or off the radio monitoring by simply flipping a switch.
  • Data Panel: The display is a visual monitoring source and is utilized for system configuration and timer adjustments. Basic system troubleshooting and testing are also done through the data panel.
  • Fail Safe Alerting: In case of major processor failure, the ComTech 10 will revert to whole station alerting as long as there is power to the system.
  • Non-Proprietary Hardware: The ComTech 10 does not utilize or require proprietary hardware.

Expanded Features

  •  Local Expansion Module (LEM): The LEM provides additional dorm room alerting and speaker zoning.
  • CAD Interface: Offers network integration with the ComTech 10 and LEM to provide alerting and network polling for system integrity.
  • Expanded Egress Lighting: Provides ramped low-voltage lighting throughout the station using speaker lights for dorm room, high noise environments and egress paths.
  • Touch Screen (HMI): The primary function of the HMI is the assignment of dorm rooms for company based alerting. Utilizing an easy to read display, the multi functioned HMI also allows system testing, configuration options and is password protected.
  • Light Sticks: When utilizing company based alerting, light sticks aid station personnel by giving visual indication of the companies being dispatched.

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ComTech 10 Fire Station Alerting System: Scalable Solutions for Network-based Fire Stations

Departments that implement the network-based ComTech 10 Fire Station Alerting System see dramatic increases in their response times, thanks to faster dispatch and the ability to receive more information. Plus, the system can incorporate company-based zoned alerting, reader board integration, and other “intelligent” features.

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