COMTECH 10 Fire Station Alerting System

The ComTech 10 Fire Station Alerting System is designed for the mid- to smaller-sized departments that want a full featured alerting system without the price of a high end system. This system is designed for departments that are: alerted via radio, ring down or other audio source (non network); and are whole station alerting or want limited zoning with fixed dorm zones.


Integrates with Up to 3 Audio Sources
Up to 5 Alert Decoders
Fixed Zoning
Ramped Pre-Alerts
Day/Night Operation
Integrate with Overhead Paging
Radio Monitoring
Appliance Controls

Door Bell Integration (3)
Alert Reset
On Site Emergency Button
Existing Station Hardware Utilized
On Site Configuration and Testing
Non Proprietary Hardware
One Year Factory Warranty

 Common Additional Hardware Incorporated

• Low Voltage Speaker Light Combo
• Strobe Lights
• Count Up/Down Timers
• Wall Mount Volume Controls with Alert Over Ride
• Light Sticks


If the dorm rooms are fixed (companies don’t change dorm rooms) there are a few zoning configurations available. If one radio is utilized in the alerting system, 4 dorm zones are available. If 2 radios are utilized, 3 dorm zones are available, and if 3 radios are utilized 2 dorm zones area available.

The ComTech 10 can integrate with up to 3 audio sources, including two-way radio, pager, ring down or other customer supplied audio sources.

A ramped pre-alert begins the alerting process, with a message such as “Attention Station Personnel: Incoming Alert”. Once the pre alert ends, the audio gate opens and allows the dispatch audio to be heard over the PA.

The station may be configured for day/night operation, meaning the speaker volume in the station is louder in the day and lower in the evening. The outside speakers can also be muted in the night setting. Radio monitoring can also be included in the day/night feature and become muted at night.

The telephone overhead paging can be incorporated into the system and have access to the amplifier and speakers. This allows the station to only have one set of speakers for dispatch and paging.

Monitoring radio traffic can be configured in a manual or automatic timed function, allowing for maximum flexibility when listening to radio communications.

Appliance controls allows the stove and/or BBQ (or other user-defined appliances) to shut off during an alert. This enables station personnel to concentrate on the call rather than remembering to turn appliances off.

Three door bells may be incorporated into the system. For example, the front door will have a different tone than the back door, allowing station personnel to know which door is activated. A door bell can also be utilized as an “in case of emergency” button and be installed by the front door. When activated by a fire fighter, the alert will go through all speakers, alerting station personnel that an onsite emergency is occurring.

An Alert Reset button(s) can be incorporated into the system, enabling station personnel to stop an alert in process and reset the system if the station is inadvertently alerted.

Low Voltage Speaker Light Combinations (SPKL-1) can be incorporated into the system. The red LED lighting is used for dorm room and egress path lighting to help maintain night vision and for high noise environments, providing a visual and audible alert. Five SPKL-1’s are included in the base price of the system.

Wall mount volume controls allow station personnel to adjust the speaker volume to their desired level, but will revert to alert level volume regardless of setting when the station is alerted.

Existing speakers can typically be incorporated into the system for ease of retro-fit installations.

Strobe lights can be installed on their own timer and activate when the station is alerted. These are typically installed in apparatus bays, showers or other high noise environments where a visual as well as an audible alert is required.

Count Up/Down timers can be installed into the apparatus bay and will begin when the station is alerted. This allows station personnel to know if they are hitting their response time goals. The timer will reset at the end of the alerting sequence.

When a station has multi companies alerted, light sticks can be added to the system, which will illuminate colors to identify which company is being alerted. For example, an engine alert could trigger the red lens, the medic the blue lens, etc.

The Data Panel located on the system hub can be utilized to test and configure the system without the need for an onsite service call.

The nonproprietary ComTech 10 system allows for maximum flexibility for integration into existing stations and enabling the department to replace or add hardware without needing a sole source vendor.

All ComTech manufactured hardware comes with a one year factory warranty on parts and labor.

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