NFPA 1221 alerting and monitoring are accomplished through the ComTech 10 Fire Station Alerting System(s), in conjunction with the ComTech Fire Station Alerting Controller or FAC, to provide the primary means of alerting. While the department's radio system typically functions as the primary means of audio communications, many locations are using VoIP audio over their WAN/LAN communications network.

The FAC, typically located at the dispatch center, can interface with the dispatch CAD system or function as a stand alone controller with a web style user interface to select and alert stations and companies, while actively monitoring the network communications to the fire stations. System configuration and passive monitoring functions are provided by connecting through password-protected web pages.

The FAC receives dispatch data from CAD, which is forwarded directly to the appropriate fire station(s). This data may also be forwarded to other network-based devices for display purposes, such as reader boards or other display terminals.

Station and company selections, whether done automatically through the CAD-to-FAC interface or manually selected by the dispatcher, provide the data to the ComTech 10 station systems, which enables zoning support.

With zoning enabled, station personnel have the ability to selectively choose up to 8 alert types to respond to within individual dorm rooms or zones. This allows other personnel to remain undisturbed when their participation is not required. This feature is particularly useful at night.

Local Expansion Modules or LEM’s are added to the system to support up to 30 individual dorm zones and 5 color light indicators.

The SPKL-M company-based speaker light combination unit incorporates a standard 8”, 70v speaker with 5 color, LED indicator lighting. Individual or combinations of lights activate depending upon the type of call, providing a visual indication of the type alert received. Red LED lighting activate for all calls for room illumination.

The CDC or Central Dorm Controller is typically located in close proximity to the station's dorm rooms for easy access. This touch screen device is used for dorm room alert selection when station zoning is available. Password protected system configuration and management functions are accessible within the CDC for authorized personnel.

Single and multi-line message or reader board features become available with the addition of network communications. Capabilities include displaying dispatch information, general messages, time and date or other items.


ComTech can provide and API (Application Programming Interface) document to the customer’s CAD vendor at no charge to establish a communications interface. Another option is for ComTech to receive and API from the CAD vendor and create an interface with the specific system.

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